Welcome from your hosts, Sarah and Shelly:

Get Started Today with the free Teeny Tiny Sabbatical 10 Minute Seasonal Reset!

As coaches fiercely committed to the common good, we want to live in a world where good people wishing to contribute their best selves to a world desperate for renewal have access to inspiration and renewal themselves. 

In tiny doses. Because frankly, that’s the best we can do these days. Let’s ease our way into this, why don’t we? 

The Tiny Sabbatical Project (TSP) has two months of content that can move you toward renewal. Each 4 week program - one focused on Creativity and one on Connection will:

  • gently CHALLENGE you to take tiny bits of time for yourself over the course of a month 
  • INSPIRE you with stories and reflections curated from sources you may have never come across or some oldies you had forgotten about 
  • thoughtfully SUPPORT you with questions to get you aligned with your values and purpose. 

Reconnect to yourself and your purpose. Rekindle what gives you energy. 

Respite and renewal IS within your reach. Take a Tiny Sabbatical today.

Work at your own pace.

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Self-Guided TSP: Creativity

and Self-Guided TSP: Connection

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Gently Reconnect

Connection is essential to well-being. Connection is also a challenge we are all facing as we emerge from the pandemic. Reconnect with intention and be sustained for the long haul.

Register today and lessons open the following day, but work at your own pace!

Renewal Within Reach

In production - likely opening late 2022 because we are still working ourselves into renewal!

Go at your own pace this autumn!

With our self-guided courses, you receive the content slowly over the course of 4 weeks - the email reminders giving you a TOUCH of accountability. But, truly work at your own pace. All content available for 90 days after purchase.